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Pain Management

Acupuncture and Pain in Las Vegas, NM | Balanced Health Acupuncture CenterAcupuncture is very effective in greatly relieving most types of pain. From chronic conditions such as arthritis and degenerative disk disease causing back pain to acute injuries such as whiplash sustained in a motor vehicle accident or from a fall, acupuncture can reduce or eliminate pain. Most patients experience significant pain relief with the very first treatment and sustained relief with frequent treatments in a short period of time such as a few weeks. After significant relief is sustained, then treatments can be less frequent.

For those that want to decrease their dependence on pain medications or eliminate their use altogether, acupuncture can provide a safe alternative to manage pain without the side effects of the medications that are often prescribed for acute or chronic pain. Prescription and over the counter medications that reduce pain and inflammation often cause dizziness, drowsiness, digestive upset, constipation and life-threatening stomach bleeding. All of these side effects can affect one’s quality of life. Acupuncture can provide the pain relief necessary for people to improve their mobility, participate in physical therapy and resume their normal activities.

Acupuncture can help ease the stress that often accompanies pain and improve sleep and digestion, making recovery from an injury easier. Athletes of all levels can benefit greatly from acupuncture to treat the muscle soreness that often occurs with regular training to enhancing their recovery from acute injuries such as sprains and fractures. Acupuncture can help athletes avoid prolonged use of the pain medications that may adversely affect their performance.

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